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Encouraging people in California to save water

Reminding people of the importance of saving water isn't gonna work. Most people know the importance of saving water and try to act on it. Yet they tend to forget about it because water runs freely from their faucets, and saving water isn’t a part of their routine.


I asked my friends for some help. I recorded them talking about water conservation, asking them two basic questions :

  • Are you aware of the importance of saving water? 
  • Do you act on it?

I didn’t expect to learn anything new, but the way some talked about water conservation compared to others sparked an idea.


The optimists said they saved water because it was important  to them. It's almost part of who they are, some even talked about specifics on how they spared water in their daily lives. 


The realists said they tried to save water because they knew it was important, but most admitted giving up because either they forgot about it or thought it wouldn't make any difference. 

We need to get people to go from saying : “I try to save water because it’s important” to “I do save water because it’s a part of who I am”. It will make a difference because if you believe you are the type of person who saves water, you will be more likely to do so in your every day life. So the solution is to help people become that person instead of telling them what to do. Of course behavior change doesn’t happen in a day so until then we need them to publicly promote water conservation. 

Help recieved with copywriting from Ian Barrera.