GET newbie backpackers 

TO try out the last frontier

BY rejecting traditional family vacation


This campaign, aiming eighteen-something's, is promoting Alaskan road trip. The strategy here is to reject the traditional family vacation and show all the fun you can have on the road with some friends. Things that could be boring with your family aren't with your friends. If you add that to the sense of danger and adventure that Alaska offers, you're guaranteed to have an awesome trip. 

Campaign Solution

There is a little bit of reversed psychology in these ads, because they offer you to do things that your parents wouldn't approve of and that is exactly why you want to do them. 




GET fresh breath enthusiasts

TO spend some good time with Altoids

BY the power of laughter


In a world cluttered by advertising, people are tired of hearing about the importance of a healthy oral hygiene; they already know all the benefits of having fresh breath. They don't want to be harassed so these ads have to be light and funny. Whit that in mind, I just want to make them smile and share a good moment with the brand. 

Campaign Solution

The product comes to resolve a conflict between the graphics and the headlines, giving the ads an sexual undertone. It works as an unconscious catharsis for the viewer.